1. Over The River Tonight
 Cajun Lady 2:38
 Goin' Back To New Orleans 3:46
 Hey, Long Gone (Not Just Leavin') 3:19
 Leavin' You 3:07
 Mama Don't Tell Me 2:19
 Muriel's Theme 1:51 (Instrumental)
 Number On The Wall 3:11
 Over The River Tonight 2:49
 She Said Good Luck (I Hope You Make It) 3:22
 She's Comin Home With Me 3:03
 Take It For A Ride 3:45
 We Could Use a Little Rain 3:08
 Yippee Yi Yo 3:45
Out Of The Woodwork
 A Good Time (Just Not Mine)
 All I Can Do
 Ballad Of Mary
 Black Rainbow
 Blue Riser (Instrumental)
 Change Some
 Come On In
 Girl Keep Talkin'
 Her Hands Are Tied (Love Is A Rope)
 Here's Mud In Your Eye
 Human Dignity
 I'll Be
 I'll Come Back
 I'm Inclined
 I'm No Stranger
 It's A Lie
 Let's Change Our Names
 Look Out For Love
 Love Was The Thing
 Makin' Up Time
 My Baby Who Loved Me Left Me
 My Look Out Song
 She Was Marked
 She's The Romantic
 Stay Before You Go
 Sweet Suzzanne
 Talked To A Gypsy
 That's The Way It Always Goes
 Walkin' Down The Road Without Me
Out Of The Woodwork II
 A Simple Man
 A Young Man
 Abilene Please
 And She Cries
 Baby Don't You Worry
 Ballad of the Blemished Beauty Stone
 Before The Breakaway
 Blue River
 Break It
 Break This Ball And Chain
 Can't Stay (And I Can't Go)
 Cast Away Stones (Jody's War)
 Crimson Slayer
 Don't Tell Me Lies
 Gotta' Give It All Back
 Have To Let You Go
 Here Comes Jo (Over All My Tears)
 How Much Love
 I Know You're Doin' Me Wrong
 I Think I'm Fallin' In Love
 I Thought Love Would Make It Easy
 I'm Beginning To Wonder
 I'm Gonna Make It Up To You
 If A Frog Had Wings
 Leaving England Blues
 Let Me Be In Tennessee
 Listenin' To The Rain
 Long Gone (Before You Know It
 Love Me Again
 You're Not The Only One
Out Of The Woodwork III
 Hot Hurt Rag (Instrumental)
 Laughing Boy (Of Anarene)
 Me And I Love It
 Me And Jonnie
 Momma's Little Baby
 My Best Friend
 My Love Just Seems To Grow
 My Mind
 Never Really Tried My Love
 Never Say Never
 Not For You Or Me To Say
 Over And Done
 Play That Mexican Song
 Power Taker and Sweet Pea
 Red Face
 She's Gone
 She's Goin' Away
 Space Crazy
 Sweet Love (Amoret)
 Sweet Phoebe Green
 Tell Me Now
 The Motorcycle Queen
 The Queen And I
 Twilight! Twilight!
 Two Of Three
 Versatile Soldier
 What'd I Do Back There
 When In Rome
 Whiskey, Stay Away
 Who Said Goodbye
 Who Was That Guy
 Why Can't You Wait
 Wild Beat (Into The Night)
 Woman I've Been Waiting For
 Womanless Man
Out Of The Woodwork IV
 David Mogen Edwards
 Everybody Knows
 Greenbriar Road
 Hattie Said To Jesus
 If I Fell In Love
 Just A Game
 Lady Of The Lake
 Leave The Tubes Behind
 Lighthouse Man
 Little Girl Blue
 Love Better Next Time
 My! My! What A Beautiful Day!
 No Slowly
 Northside Seven-Eleven-Seven
 Seldom Know The Price
 Sly Dog
 So Many Years Ago
 Sooner Or Later
 Sorrow Loves No Company
 Stop It Now
 Sweet Molasses
 Talk! Talk! Talk!
 The Light On
 The Magic
 This Evil
 To Us All
 Wallls Rising
 What You're Fighting
 When, Where, And Why
 Wherever She Is Tonight
 You Can't Get There From Here
 You Know Your Heart (Focus On Love)
 You Went The Other Way
 You're In Deep
 You're So Young And Beautiful
Out Of The Woodwork V
 A Lonely One
 All The Signs
 Almost, Almost, Almost
 Back To Riverville
 Bound For Glory
 Call Me If You Do
 Can't We Just Be Friends?
 Fancy (And Maybe Nevermore) 2:51
 For The Rain
 Get Lonely
 Give Thanks, Give Thanks
 Hey, Willy Mae (The Stars Offer Wishes)
 Highway Forty-One
 Just To See You Smile
 Last Night In Memphis
 Lonesome Way
 Love Rules
 Never Be The Same
 Out On The Road
 Respect Yourself
 River Girls
 Scatter My Ashes
 Seeds Of Doubt
 The Overheard Prayer
 There's A Fair Chance
 Thirty-One Things I Lack
 Throw Up Empty Hands
 Want To Be (Wanna-be)
 What Everybody Knows (Nothin' Like You)
 What I've Done Wrong
 Where Is The Love
 You And I (You And I)
 You Win Again