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What I've Done Wrong
Out Of The Woodwork V
© September 15, 2005 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

E O221OO
A XO222O
B7 O212O2
(1) X21233
E7 O2213O
A7 XO2223

The Undertaker's rockin' on my front porch!
I'm so afraid to go home!
They's a mob in the yard with fire and pitchforks!
The back half o' my house is gone!
I'm hidin' in the corn, gatherin' stones,
Wonderin' What I've Done Wrong!

It could be a woman! It might be work!
It may be some folks back home.
I meet a lot o' girls! I'm a soda jerk!
I've brought a few enemies home!
The Sheriff won't talk about it over the phone!
I wonder What I've Done Wrong!

Hey! Hey! Mona, can ya tell me?
Hey! Hey! Honey can't ya' help me?
Hey! Hey! What in the world's goin' on?
The Preacher says I gotta' work it out on my own!
I wonder What I've Done Wrong!

(Instrumental interlude)

I heard the Sheriff say, That he won't rest,
Until this search is done.
He got dogs that bite, and big search lights!
He's givin' ever'body guns!
I'm waitin' by the track for the train to run,
Wonderin' What I've Done Wrong!

(Repeat Chorus)

I drink too much.
I get so stoned.
I wonder What I've Done Wrong!

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What I've Done Wrong © September 15, 2005 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

Again, that first line intrigues me to write the song to see "What in the world's goin' on?" The idea to peak vocally on the end of the lines before the title line came to me because just delivering the thyme didn't seem to set it up right. The Sheriff won't talk about it over the phone. The Preacher says he has to work it out on his own. And I see Mona walking briskly along on the road, ignoring him as he pleads with her from down in the ditch, and she won't tell him. He finally leaves town by hopping a freight. Poor feller never does find out what he's done.

My uncle Billy Andrews told me of stealing a bunch of candy from a store in Pulaski, Virginia in the early 20th century. The sheriff set two big, mean dogs after him, with spiked collars to keep them from fighting and killing each other. They cornered him up in the mountains against a big tree, snarling, teeth bared and barking.
"Oh please!" he pleaded, "Don't eat me up!"
He suddenly broke a candy bar in two and threw the pieces to the dogs. They stopped barking and started wagging their tails.
"I stayed up in the mountains about three days, huddled up with those dogs at night to keep warm at night!" Uncle Billy said.