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Sweet Love (Amoret)
Out Of The Woodwork III
© 1975 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

Bb+ XX4332
C9 X32333
D XXO232
D7 XXO212
F# barre X44322
G barre X55433

(Verse I)
Sweet Love!
No other lover,
ever felt,
so true.
Sweet Love!
No other lover,
ever did,
the things you do.

My heart,
was filled with sadness.
My head,
was filled with pain.
But now,
I'm full of gladness,
since Sweet Love came my way.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Sweet Love.
My little Sweet Love lover, Amoret.

(Verse II)
Sweet Love!
No other heartbreak,
ever hurt me so.
Sweet Love!
No other heartache,
was so hard,
to let go!

(Repeat Chorus)

More Info...
"Sweet Love" Copyright 1975 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

I met a girl named Amoret. The late Kevin Lodwick, a Song-Writing explorer in his own right, and I were driving up Route 52 in Southern Ohio when the prettiest little girl smiled at us from another car. When she stopped at a STOP sign, Kevin jumped out and ran up to the car. Inspired by his bold action, I followed. We had a brief conversation, and went our separate ways.
But she told us her name, and...it came out in Song. I raise my glass to inspiration, the Muse, Amoret.