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You Win Again
Out Of The Woodwork V
© October 23, 2005 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

(1) XXO111
C/G bass 332O1O
F X33211
Fm X33111
Am XO221O
G7 32OOO1

You got Daddy's money,
And time on your hands.
I need ya' honey,
But I'm just a man.
I've reached the limit,
Of what I can stand.
I, won't, play, your, game anymore.
You Win Again.

I can't believe,
I fell for your trick.
I saw ya' comin'.
I tried to resist.
You got your gimmick.
You work through your plan.
I, won't, play, your, game anymore.
You Win Again.

What's up your sleeve, baby?
It's mind over man.
You juggle me
Like a toy
In your hand.
Who's cheatin' who?
Who's keepin' score?
You Win Again.

Your Momma blessed you,
With a winning hand.
I never guessed you'd,
Do this to a man.
I'm broken in pieces.
My heart's in my hand.
I, can't, lose, your, game anymore.
You Win Again.

(Repeat chorus)

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You Win Again © October 23, 2005 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

This song followed "Never Be The Same," and has similarities, sibling songs to be sure. Just fun chords and vocalizations. Tried to make it real and about something but reliance on throwing in 'Daddys, Mommas, and Sisters' is wearing thin. Dylan created Frenchmen and Diplomats to people his songs.

The "Who's cheatin'..." line was the end of the second verse, but I was struggling with a chorus until I started doing it with the F and Fm sequence, and then the "Who's cheatin'..." lines fit better with it. I had been saying "Who's cheatin'? Who's keepin' score? You Win Again," bt when I move it to the chorus I realized the beat fit better with "Who's cheatin' who?", etc. I repeated the "Won't play..." refrain to end the second verse, said, "...can't lose your game..." in the third, and the song was done. If one is ever really done. A quarter of a century later (2006) I'm still revising the arrangement of "Over The River Tonight." (1979).

I also rewrote the lyric for a female singer's point of view.