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I Thought Love Would Make It Easy
Out Of The Woodwork II
© 1975 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

Am XO221O
Fmaj7 X3321O

Verse I
I Thought Love Would Make It Easy.
I thought love would make it easier, To bear.
How wrong I was there.
Easy to bear.
Oh, I'm taken with cares again.

Verse II
All at once a rude awakening,
Shook my head and left it aching, For, A love,
To have and to hold,
Just like I'd been told,
Oh, I'm not gonna' tell you,

I told you so, So many times before.
You just wouldn't listen.
I told you 'No,
I don't wanna' close all the doors,
To see what I'm missin'.
It 's love and I, Can feel the night,
Falling upon the day.
It's love and I, Just lose my mind,
Each time that you go away.

Perhaps repeat Verse I and the Bridge, and end with instrumental Bridging.

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"I Thought Love Would Make It Easy" Copryight 1975 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

Picking notes and singing with them seemed to influence the Repeats, vocally, and that Hooked me.