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Hey, Long Gone (Not Just Leavin') 3:19
1. Over The River Tonight
© July 19, 1986 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

G 32OOO3 or X55433
Bm XO4432
C/G 332O1O (C with G bass)
D XXO232
Dm7 XOO211
D7sus4 XOO213
D7 XXO212

(Verse I)
There is no rea-so-on, For breakin' up-hup.
You just need a reason, So you're makin' one up.
You say you're sorry, But you've got to ru-hun.
I don't believe you're sorry. I think you had fun, Bein'

Long Gone.
Not Just Leavin', But Long Gone,
Out gettin' even.
You're Lon-ong Go-o-o-hone.
Don't give me the reason,
Just go. Oh-o. Oh no-o.

(Verse II)
There is no excuse-a, For draggin' it ou-hout.
It's just more abuse-a, You and I can do without.
You say you're sorry, But you've got to leave.
Well I don't believe you're sorry. You look relieved.

Oh take off, That lover's mask. Show me, Show me,
Show me your true colors. We used to be lovers.
Is that too much to a-ask? Long Gone. Hey, Long Gone!

(Verse III)
You've been gone a long time. This ain't nothin' new.
I'd 've said somethin' sooner, But I guess I've been gone too.
Yeah, we're both sorry, But what have we done?
Could we be any sorrier if it wasn't so much fun, Bein'
Long Gone. Not Just Leavin', But Long Gone.
You're Lon-ong go-o-o-hone. Don't give me the reason.
Don't go. Oh no-o.

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"Long Gone" Copyright July 19, 1986 by Gary E. Andrews.
All Rights Reserved For The Globe
I don't remember anything about this song. It just started, and went through its message.

I played it in the presence of a woman I'd been with for years and she asked, "Is that new?"

"Not to me," I replied. It was two years old.

I realized how far apart she and I were, that this work was part of me but I and my Song were not part of my relationship with her.

Of course, very few people ever heard me play in those hermited days.

"You're getting better at this," she said.

Later I wondered if she meant better at Songwriting or Songs that accurately analyzed the relationship we were in. If I ever see her again I'll have to ask.

For my part, it was just a fiction. I doubt I ever thought it auto-biographically analogous of our relationship. But it has that generic quality of suspicions about the other's motives in any relationship.

This Song was part of my 34-song "Out Of The Woodwork II" copyright collection.

Could YOU sing this song, assuming the persona of the Singer-Character, pretending it's about YOUR relationship? And get all famous and stuff? LOL

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