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Cajun Lady 2:38
1. Over The River Tonight
© March 21, 2001 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

E O221OO
A XO222O
A7 XO2O2O XO2O23
B7 X212O2

(Instrumental Interlude)

(Verse 1)
I got the word from Delacroix,
She'd be waitin' in New Orleans.
I headed south with a taste in my mouth,
For her perfume so keen.
When I arrived in Memphis I,
Booked a room in the Hotel Breen.
I asked the clerk,
"Is there any work,
To get me to my Cajun Queen?"

Well I'm riding hard, Trying to catch up,
To my baby, The Cajun Lady.
I'm riding hard, Trying to catch up,
To my baby.

(Verse 2)
I got the mail from Delacroix,
Was a letter from her, So sweet.
Sweet perfume. I took it up to my room,
For a better place to read.
When I got there, the bed was on fire!
Who stole the soda machine?
Ask the conductor,
Can I catch a ride to New-- Orleans?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
I'm Arthur Alexander Delacroix.
Her name is Mitzi Sweets.
She's got! Great Big!
Brown eyes, And little bitty feet.
If you's to ever see her,
You'd surely wanna see 'er again.
I asked everybody, "Has there anybody,
Seen my Cajun Queen?"

(Final Chorus)
Well I'm riding hard, Trying to catch up,
To my baby, She's so crazy.
I'm riding hard, Trying to catch up,
To my baby. Cajun Lady.

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"Cajun Lady" © 2001 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

"Cajun Lady" is one of four 'Sister Songs' I started one evening, switching from one to the next as I ran into a blockage, working around them, coming back later to forge ahead. Lots of fun. It's from my 38-song 2006 copyright collection, "Out Of The Woodwork V."

The Singer-Character of Arthur Alexander Delacroix and his way of expressing the way he sees things was fun too. He leaves Delacroix, headed for New Orleans, and ends up in Memphis. The boy tends to get lost. I have a feeling he took that letter up to the room, fell asleep, smoking, set the bed on fire, and while he slept someone stole the soda machine, and so he got fired, or ran away, and got caught by the train man stowed away beneath the truck and asked for a ride and ended up ridin' hard all the way to N'awlins. I hope he found Mitzi Sweets. Well, of course he did. I just hope she was as glad to see him as he was eager to see her.

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