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Leavin' You 3:07
1. Over The River Tonight
© December 13, 1976 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

C/G (C with G bass) 332010
G 320003
D XX0232

(Verse I)
"Get out of the way! I'm goin' home!"
That's what she said, And now she's gone.
"I can't stand ya when you're stoned!
The hottest nights you're never home!

That's why I'm, Lea-vin' You,
Takin' my heart and, Lea-vin' You,
Behind tonight! I'm Leavin' You! You want me to stay,
And believe in you but even you know how hard,
that is to do!
That's why I'm leavin'! That's why I'm Leavin' You!

(Verse II)
I watched her walkin' down the road.
It hurt me so to see her go.
Funny how the hunger bur-urns.
You live and learn, you know.

(Variant Chorus)
That's why I'm leavin' town, Takin' a walk!
I'm leavin' town! No time to talk about it!
Leavin' town! You want me to stay,
And believe in you but even you know how hard, that is to do!
That's why I'm leavin', That's why I'm Leavin' You!

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"Leavin' You" Copyright December 13, 1976 by Gary E. Andrews.
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

This was the 'Sister Song' to "Take It For A Ride." I had begun "Take It..." and the Rhyme-Scheme and storyline were hard to duplicate for the second Verse.

Well, you can force your way through a block like that and write a mediocre Rhyme and story. Or you can quit.

Or, I discovered, you can keep the creative flow going by starting another new Song. When the other song, the "Sister Song," bogs down, for the same reason, you can go back to the first one. It's had a little time to incubate in your subconscious, for the feel of it, the theme or motif to develop in your mind. I found my way a little deeper into the first Song, and when it bogged down again, I went to the second Song. By the end of the night I had pretty much finished both Songs and had a great time doing it.

"Leavin' You" is from my 1998 34-Song "Out Of The Woodwork II" copyright collection.

I miss my cue to start singing and run through the Introductory Movement twice. Unless my webmaster can cut it. ?? If you learn it you'll know to keep the Intro short, so terrestrial radio is more likely to play it. Short Songs leave more time for commercial advertising that pays radio's bills.
Cover it. See if your audience likes it. If they do and you want to record it, get in touch with me.