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Muriel's Theme 1:51 (Instrumental)
1. Over The River Tonight
© December 13, 2003 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe


Dmajor7 XXO222
? XXO255 (I don't know what chord this is)
Em7 O22O3O

G 32OOO3
A XO222O
? XOO23O (Don't know this one either)
D XXO232
A X77655

G X55433

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"Muriel's Theme" Copyright December 13, 2003 by Gary E. Andrews.
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

Just a musical meandering that happened one evening by Robert Dafford's murals on the Ohio River floodwall at Portsmouth, Ohio, 2000 feet of art in an outdoor gallery.

I stumble a few times in the execution, but you can get the idea.

A tourist was overheard admiring the 'muriels'.

Linda Switzer, who lives in a log cabin there, suggested the title.

YOU could record this with whatever musical ensemble you have.
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