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Listenin' To The Rain
Out Of The Woodwork II
© 1979 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

D XXO232
Fmaj7 X3321O
C/G bass 332O1O
G 32OOO3
Dsus XXO233

(Verse I)
Tell Tulane and the world of pain,
I don't wanna' play no more.
I just can't take it 'cause it ain't the same,
As it was before.

But please, Don't tell 'er how I miss her.
Please, Don't tell 'er about the pain.
Ooo-Or how I long to kiss her,
When it's late at night and I'm lyin' awake,
Listenin' To The Rain.

(V II)
Tell Tulane and her newfound friend,
Nobody's keepin' score.
I just got back.
I don't know where I've been,
But I'm goin' back for more.

But please, Don't tell her how I've lost it.
Please, Don't tell 'er, Don't tell 'er about the pain.
Ooo-Or how much it costs me,
For the needle in my arm that keeps away
The poundin' in my brain.

I'm Listenin' To The Rain,
Pourin' down on me.
Listenin' To The Rain.
You know I used to be
A boy with a feelin' for a song,
But it didn't last long.

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"Listenin' To The Rain" Copyright 1979 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

A tune for the "Hello England" soundtrack, a novel I started about 1975 and imagined for the rest of my life.
Tulane is the Love-Interest Character (b. November 30, 2050) for the Protagonist, Ghia St. Guidry (b. December 13, 2050). They meet at age 15 and 14 at Space College Preparatory in Athens, Ohio, a special program of training for Citizens going aboard The England, an interstellar spacecraft being built in orbit in a La Grangian Point between planet Earth and the Moon, a project begun by the Queen of England to explore a habitable planet, to possibly bring back some life, since so much was lost in the early 21st century by Leadership Decision-Makers in commerce and government who failed to enact tactics in multifaceted strategies of Adaptive Response to Threatening Chang effects caused by The Human Phenomenon's Industrial-Scale Burning Revolution, 1850-2020, so far.
Love makes the world go 'round.
Hilarity ensues.