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Out Of The Woodwork IV
© 1973 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

"Jennifer" is composed on a bassline. I've never worked out the chord progression.

Feelin' kinda' lonely so I went downtown.
I was lookin' for a woman who might take me on down
To her place.
Sittin' in the corner of a low class bar,
I was keepin' an eye on my hat and my car
And my face.

There at the door was a woman in blue.
She was crossin' the floor and her movement rang true
As the night.
She stood at the bar in her blue jeans and smile
And she shone like a star in the beautiful style
Of the night.

Feelin' kinda' shaky so I thought I'd wait.
I was actin' like a kid on his very first date
With a girl.
Starin' like a fool when her eyes met mine.
I was tryin' to find a cool, Opening line,
To unfurl.

Someone was askin' the lady to dance,
And I knew this would be my only chance
To make her.
As I approached she was smiling at me,
And she toked on a roach, And her eyes were as green
As the surf.

And her name was Jennifer.

She moved like a dream in the strobe light beam,
Rockin' and rollin' to some yesterday Cream,
An d right in the middle of the Rollin' Stones,
I heard her say, "We, Can be, Alone, At my place."

Goin' in the door she left off all the lights,
And we lit up a fire that burned through the night
As we planned.
Then came the dawn and she still had me on,
So we played through the day,
'Til the hot sun was gone once again.

When I awoke she was gone from the bed,
But she'd left me a note. It was pinned to my head
And it said,

My name is Jennifer.

(Repeat Chorus)

And over my shoulder as I walked out the door
I heard her say, "We, Can be, Alone, At my place."

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Jennifer © 1973 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

I composed this in bass notes, an unusual mode for me. I wasn't paying attention to length or anything else, just learning to write songs.