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Over The River Tonight 2:49
1. Over The River Tonight
© January 11, 1979 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

E O221OO
G#m X66444
Bm XO4432
A X77655

Gbm X44222
A XO222O
Am XO221O

(Verse I)
Put on a hat! Take off your coat!
Babe let's you and I rent a boat!
I'll row us, To the Kentucky si-hi-hide.
We'll wait for the sun to desert us!
We'll burn a bit but it won't hurt us!
We'll wait for the silver moon to ri-hise,
(Chorus Refrain)
Over The River Toni-hi-hi-i-i-i-ight.

(Verse II)
We'll build up the fire, Put on a log!
We'll take along your spaniel dog!
He will keep us company tonight!
If I'm a bit slow movin' in,
Won't you invite me with a grin?
Spread your blanket.
Show me where to li-hie,
Over The River Tonight.

Beneath the trees, The stars, The hills,
Jumpin' fish and whip-poor-wills!
Have you ever seen the river, In moonli-ight?
I hope everything goes alright,
My boat floats and we don't fight.
I guess I'll let my conscience be my guide,
Over The River Toni-hi-hi--i--i--i-ight.

(Instrumental interlude, about four bars)

I said, I hope everything goes alright.
My boat floats and we don't fight!
I guess I'll let my conscience be my guide,
Over The River Toni-hi-hi--i--i--i-ight!

(Verse 3)
You can wear my coat, Lay in my lap!
I suppose your momma would make a flap,
If she knew what you were gonna do to-ni-hi-a-hight!
We'll philosophize, sit and chat,
About what makes a ring around the moon like that!
We'll be talkin' 'til the first twili-hight,

Lettin' the time turn the page.
Lettin' the moon set the sta-age,
Over the river, Over The River Toni-hi-hi--i--i-a--i--i-i--i-i--i-ight.
Hi-hi-hi-i--i-i-a-i-i-i-ight (doop doop doop doo)

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"Over The River Tonight" Copyright January 11, 1979
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

If I had been in the music business in 1979 when I wrote this, this would have been the Song I would be known for. It's an uptempo love song, and those are rare.

Songwriter Laura Wood called it "the perfect country song."

I carried a guitar in the car, even in the cold Ohio winter in those days, and sat in my car by the Ohio River. This Song came to me there in York Park, 'neath the majestic sycamores. Those old trees, Mother Nature's own, with lines only she could think of, textures, colors, shades of color. In winter they ice up in the winds coming off the river. May they live forever and a day. May I be smart enough to go and enjoy them.
This is one of the songs you can hear on this site, one of only two I ad libbed for the fluke recording session I had that were in my first "Out of the Woodwork" copyright collection.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah. This is my 'Signature Song,' "Over The River Tonight."'

It could be the Song that takes YOU to the top of the market if you're the one to introduce it to the public. Contact me at: garyeandrews@yahoo.com