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Twilight! Twilight!
Out Of The Woodwork III
© 1972 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

(1) XOO235
Dsus XXO233
D XXO232
A XO222O
E O221OO
(2) XXO565
(3) XXO568
(4) XXO787

(Verse I)
Wake in the mornin',
sun is just risin',
open my eyes and I see you.
Walk to the river.
What should I give her?
Should I run if her eyes are blue?

Twilight! Twilight!
My world's in your eyes.
Twilight! Twilight!
Try me on for size!

(V II)
Gettin' to know her,
goin' much lower,
getting below her resistance.
Startin' to lose her,
she says I abuse her.
Don't wanna' lose her assistance.

(Variant Chorus)
Twilight! Twilight!
I'm lost in your strokes.
Twilight! Twilight!
Blue wheels with brown spokes.

Twilight! Bright eyes!
Blue wheels with brown spokes.
Twilight. All night!
When the morning broke,
I took your hand and drove you home again.
I took your hand and drove you home again.

Starting to feel her.
She can't be real! Her,
eyes are as blue as a steel door.
Quickly they soften,
touching me often,
getting me lost forevermore.

Twilight! Twilight!
Blue wheels with brown spokes.
Twilight! All night!
I'm lost in your strokes!

(V IV)
Says I seduced her,
and I have used her.
Says I abused her loving trust.
When you were coming,
then you weren't running.
Then you did something I asked you.

Twilight! Twilight!
Don't pretend you're nice.
Twilight! Twilight!
Your part ain't denied.

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"Twilight! Twilight!" Copyright 1972 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

Just goes to show ya how bad a Song a guy can write. I do so many things wrong it's a real instruction on how not to. I enjoyed the guitar work and the Melodic and Prosodic exploration. I didn't pay much attention to the Lyric. Sometimes the Singer-Character speaks directly to 'you,' and then abruptly switches to telling the listener about 'her.' The Ehymes are weak. The story is a shredded mess. I dislike the sentences that omit the noun, such as "Wake in the mornin'," instead of "I wake..." That pronoun is the 'actor' to do the 'action' of the verb. I think a Lyric is more effective when the SInger-Character talks like real people talk.