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I'll Be
Out Of The Woodwork
1984 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

D XXO232
G 32OOO3
A XO222O

I am the dreamer.
You are the dream.
I'm the scene painter.
You're in the scene.
I am the thinker.
You are the thought.
You are the catcher.
I am the caught.

You're the companion.
I am the friend.
I'll stay beside you,
Until the end.
I'll wait by the fountain,
While you decide,
If I'll be the husband,
If you'll be the bride.

That is the way it's always been,
Since the first day,
For the first pair of friends.
And that's the way,
I hope it will be.
I'll be your loved one.
You will love me.

You be the sentry.
I'll be the spy.
You guard the castle.
Let me slip by.
Meet me for coffee,
In the kitchen tonight.
I'll be the darkness.
Please be the light.

(Repeat Chorus)

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I'll Be 1984

This in-love rhymer elicited a simple but compelling melody to match the simple but compelling poetry, playing with the words, dreamer/dream, teacher/taught. The chorus is rather inspired, summing up what the ad libbed verses were getting at. Not that I knew it and contrived it. It just came to me, an ad lib, and made sense in the context of the narrative, so it worked.