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Last Night In Memphis
Out Of The Woodwork V
© February 19, 1999 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

G 32OOO3
Am7 XO2213
Am XO221O
C/G bass 332O1O
D XXO232
A7sus XO2O23

This is my Last Night In Memphis,
And I don't want to waste you time.
I know you think talkin' to me would be senseless.
You're so sure that I cheated on you.
It's not true, But there's no talkin' to you.

This is my last chance to tell you,
Before I put my past behind.
I know you think hatin' me now is gonna' help you,
Later when you realize who fooled who.
Me or you. I played a fool for you.

I spent my last silver dollar,
For a ticket on a midnight train,
To carry me back to the holler,
In the hills from which I came.
There's a girl back there who knows me.
She said she would wait.
She's the only one who told me,
The truth. I was a fool, a fool for lovin' you.

I'll tell her about Last Night In Memphis,
And the music on the radio.
I know she's gonna' help me mend my fences.
I'll promise her I'll never go,
Back to you. I'll be true.
I won't be a fool.

This is my Last Night In Memphis.
My Last Night In Memphis.
Last Night In Memphis.

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Last Night In Memphis © February 19, 1999 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

This one, written with a country-ish style, plays well as a blues too, I think. Some interesting variations in the lyric from the first stuff I ad libbed to what I settled on.