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Me And Jonnie
Out Of The Woodwork III
1973 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

Am X77555 barre
Dbm 446654
Gm X55333
D XXO232
Em7 O22O3O

Me And Jonnie, Goin' to New Orleans.
Looks like it's gonna' be a long journey.
Riding along and tunin' in,
Wanting Jonnie to be a better friend
Than she has been to other men.

Sittin' back as the world passes by.
Looks like a masterpiece unto my eyes.
Creeks and trees and a flower there.
Just imagine that in Jonnie's hair,
And its beauty we two could share

We've been so sad,
Yes we have,
And we've been alone.
The only friend we've had,
Has been our,
Very own imagination.
We've been so patient,
Taking our time,
Waiting our turn,
To give our love and not get burned,
And the world has turned us on.

(Instrumental Interlude)

The sun is risin' on a meadow.
The mist is asleep beneath the trees.
Jonnie's asleep in my shadow.
She's made her mind up to stay with me.
(missing lines? Repeat chorus?)

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Me And Jonnie 1973 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe.

I was walking down a street in Alexandria Louisiana in 1973 and came upon a lovely girl sitting on the hood of a Camaro. I flirted and after talking awhile she told me she wanted someone to go with her to New Orleans to pick up some pot. I wrote this song about the fantasy of what that trip might have been.