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My Mind
Out Of The Woodwork III
© 1974 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

Em7 O22O3O
Am7 XO2213
Am XO221O

(Verse I)
You seem to miss me at night,
But when the sun arrives,
You fade away, The whole day,
Leave me with My Mind.
(Chorus Refrain)
My Mind, Oh-oh my my!
My Mind, Oh-oh my my!
My Mind.

(V II)
A new light sits in your eyes.
Is a new life comin' alive,
When you say, in your special way,
'I'll see you tonight,

In the moonlight,
Beneath the trees."
The sea is calm,
As is the breeze.
You roll your green eyes up at me,
In the moonlight in My Mind.
In My Mind, Oh-oh my, my!
In My Mind, Oh-oh my, my!

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"My Mind" Copyright 1974 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

Two chords.
The Bridge is in an unusual place. A Bridge is usually a device to renew listener interest to enable a final giving of the Chorus without being too Repetitious. A Song must have 'enough' Repetition to supply Structure listeners can relate to, and 'enough' Change to keep them 'hooked'. The concept of 'enough' is the Songwriter's judgment, and then the listener's judgment.
I'll have to study and see if this is a mistake I didn't realize 45 years ago, learning about Songwriting, or, whether it works.
"Rules are tools," a guy whose name I forget teaches. On www.justplainfolks.com Andy? I'll find it to give credit. Rasmussen? Meanwhile, check out JustPlainFolks.com.