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This Evil
Out Of The Woodwork IV
© 1973 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

Chords: D modal tuning E A D G B D
(1) XO4534
(2) 244322
(3) O22OOO
(4) XOO234
(5) X33211
(6) O221OO
(7) O22130

Won't somebody,
Get me outta' This Evil place?
Hey, hey!
I've got lots o' tears,
And all kinds of fears,
Written in smears on my face.
This Evil place.

Won't somebody,
Get me outta' This Evil town?
Right now!
I got lots o' time,
A l'il bit o' wine.
I can't get my mind off the ground.
This Evil town.

Once I was happy.
You can see how I'm sad.
I never knew my momma
But I once met my dad
Lyin' on the floor of a mean hotel
Wishin' he could die
And get on to hell,
Sayin' "Sonny help me!
Won't ya help me please,
Leave This Evil place.

I'm wondering,
How I got to be so low.
Oh no!
I can't see the signs,
That point down the line,
To the place I'm trying to go.
This Evil road.

Is nobody,
Gonna' help me find my way?
Hey! Hey!
I got here in June,
By light of the moon.
I can't hear the tune that they say,
This Evil plays.

They say This Evil plays an evil tune.

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This Evil © 1973 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

This stylized piece was a lot of fun to discover and play. A fellow named Lawrence showed me the modal tuning, tuning both E strings to D's. I couldn't figure out how to do the bass E so I wrote songs with just the treble E tuned down.