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I'm No Stranger
Out Of The Woodwork
© 1986 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

Bm XX4432
G 32OOO3
C/G bass 332O1O
D XXO232

Verse I
There's a pistol,
On the front seat,
And my whiskey;
It's all gone.
Here's your lipstick,
Here in my pocket.
Whoa, What's goin' on?

I'm No Stranger, To this madness!
I'm No Stranger, To the dangers of love!
I'm No Stranger, To the sadness in your heart.
It's the only thing that I can think of!

Verse II
I remember,
Words of parting.
I remember,
The look in your eye.
I remember,
The engine starting.
I remember the long fast ride.

(Repeat Chorus)

And your love,
Is the only thing I'll be needin'!
My heart is broken and bleedin'!
My eyes are achin' from seein',
The stranger in your eyes!
It's the only thing that I can think of.

But the pistol,
It isn't loaded,
And my whiskey;
It's all gone.
Here's your lipstick.
It's left a message,
On the windshield sayin'
"Baby, come home."

(Repeat Chorus/Bridge)

(2nd Bridge: My heart's just broken, not bleedin'.)

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"I'm No Stranger" Copyright 1986 by Gary E. Andrews. All Rights Reserved For The Globe.

Verse I sets up and the Chorus drives home THE hook/title. Verse II explains a bit of how he came to be in this confusing situation, with a pistol on the front seat, and an empty whiskey bottle, and her lipstick in his pocket. Verse III brings it to a satisfying conclusion, for me.