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Space Crazy
Out Of The Woodwork III
© 1979 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

Am XO221O
Dm XXO231

(Verse I)
Terrestrial life,
got to be a drag,
so I went into space,
on a three year jag.
Six months was craziness.
Why in three I was jive.
It's been three long years!
It's a wonder I'm alive!
I'm Space--- Crazy!
Oh baby I'm Space--- Crazy!
Oh baby I'm Space--- Crazy!
It's a wonder I'm alive.

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"Space Crazy" Copyright 1979 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

"Space Crazy" is a snippet for the soundtrack for the screenplay for my novel, "Hello England."
Protagonist Ghia St. Guidry, a young Cherokee boy, finds his villages in the Great Blue Mountains of God disrupted when an evil man whose name he hears as Bader Caw, brings a brown liquor there. The people drink it and all manner of discord and bestiality divide the once well-ordered lives of the villagers.
To escape the irreparable chaos, Ghia's father brings his family out of the mountains to Southern Ohio, where he grows up. He enters a project in a Science Fair, and gets noticed by Scientists planning an interstellar expedition to another Sunstar, and an earth-like planet there. Men have travelled there, and back again, powered by the light-drive engine, at multiples of the speed of light. Einstein's math was wrong.
But the forces of evil are still around. The Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS) has revived the Nazi Party and countries around the world have tolerated it, holding its genocidal tendencies and racism in check in an uneasy truce. They are in the police, in the military, in governments, in commerce, in education, and in the Space Force created in the previous century by President Donald John Trump.
Ghia is sponsored by a Scientist, Zrio Chandler, to attend Space College Preparatory courses in high school and then in Athens, Ohio at Ohio University, founded in 1804 as part of the Ordinance of 1787. There, Ghia meets Tulane Warner, a girl his age, from Longview, Texas, and they fall in love, as much as two children can.
The years melt away, and many conflicts enter their lives. Ghia's infidelity loses Tulane, whose wealthy family are engineers construction "The England", a City-In-Space being built in orbit around the Earth. Her money enables her to disappear, leaving Ghia a desperate young man.
There are wars around planet Earth, and the brown liquor is cited by some as a major part of the problem leading to the conflicts. Ghia gets into legal trouble through association with Barth Varney, a self-proclaimed 'Outlaw'. In court a judge gives Ghia a choice; go into the military, or go to prison. He opts for the military where his sponsor, Professor Chandler, assures him he can continue to attend some classes and complete his 'service sentence' in time to still make the expedition.
There, Ghia's fate is to be dragged out of a rear echelon job, loading bombs, missiles, and guns on drones, into a mission to recover mysterious devices from downed drones. There he encounters a Nazi nemesis, The Big German, and learns the finer arts of murder. He survives. The day of the expedition's departure to board The England he is undecided. If he can't find Tulane, he's not sure he wants to go into space. If she's here, somewhere, on Earth, he wants to stay here. But while in formation with other soldiers, he hears her voice, accidentally picked up over the loudspeakers giving directions to the troops and civilians boarding shuttles. He sees her. She senses him, searches the crowd across a great distance, and their eyes meet. She's there. She's going. Ghia decides he will go too.
Technology is wonderful. But technology can fail. After two years of interstellar travel, with many of the 100,000 'citizens' of The England City-In-Space in cryogenic suspension, while a skeleton crew stays awake, the expedition reaches the planet for a one-year exploration and capture of plant and animal species intended to replenish the long-ravaged planet Earth's ecosystem. But something, unknown, causes technology to fail, and people are stranded on the alien planet. There, Ghia finds there are Humans, just like Earth's Humans. He wonders why no one taught him this in all the years of Space College Preparatory classes. The answer lies in the Nazis, who have dominated the organization on The England and on the surface of the planet, with their irrational ideology unleashed.
But Ghia is a warrior now, and continues his resistance, to help the natives avoid the fate Nazis always bring to those unfortunate enough to live where Nazis live.
The shit, hits the fan. LOL