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Can't We Just Be Friends?
Out Of The Woodwork V
© April 5, 2001 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

D XXO232
Dmaj7 XXO222
A XO222O
G 32OOO3

Once I had feelings for Ruby,
But she went away, One day.
Ruby woke up on a Tuesday,
With nothing to say, To me,

You've been your own best friend for far
too long,
So open up and let me in,
Or better still, Come on!
Let's take a walk
Out in the world.
I'll just be a boy.
You just be a girl.
Better still,
Can't We Just Be Friends?

I'm not wasting any time,
But I'm not rushing this.
I'm not making any demands,
But I would like a little kiss.

You've been your own worst enemy
all along.
Whoever said 'Love means never having to say you're sorry'
was wrong.
Let's take a walk on down the street.
Just let the music come to your feet.
Better still
Can't We Just Be Friends?

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Can't We Just Be Friends April 5, 2001
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

This is another of four Sister Songs, all begun the same night. As inspiration and craft failed me I left each one to work on the next, playing them and finding my way through. This copyright date may be when I finally put this one into 'fixed form,' thereby activating my 'right' to 'copy' it, my copyright. The others were "Number On The Wall," April 8; "Cajun Lady" March 21; and "Everybody Knows (Nothin' Like You)" March 24. I don't like to write them down until they're finished in my head. It keeps them fluid, changeable, malleable to the nuances of a new muse as she unveils the spices of her tale.