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Versatile Soldier
Out Of The Woodwork III
© 1972 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

A XO222O
D XXO232
E O221OO

Well he's a Versatile Soldier.
He rambles 'round the countryside.
He looks right over his shoulder.
He's doubly indemnified.
He says he won't take 'No' for an answer, babe.
He says he don't need the little girl around.
Then he gets lonely, Only,
No one comes around.
Then when he finds out
where she's a dancer,
He goes and pays the drummer to play.

Well he's a dream become dreamer.
He talks about it all the time.
They call him Stanley the Stearmer.
He likes to keep the pressure high.
He says he can't see lettin' the bird escape,
For the three that might be in the bush.
Then he starts drinkin', Thinkin',
Somethin' gives him a push.
Then when he comes down,
Finds that he's found her,
He goes and pays the drummer to play.

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"Versatile Soldier" Copyright 1972 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

Another exploration. I play lead guitar on this, singing note-for-note on some, and with some riffs standing out alone, between Lyrical Lines. Just learning to write Lyrics I guess, since I haven't really written any others with this lead guitar style. (Or have I? "Number On The Wall"?)