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Talked To A Gypsy
Out Of The Woodwork
© 1978 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

F X33211
G7 32OOO1
Am XO221O

I talked to a Gypsy woman.
I paid her with a song.
She told me of three fortunes I would own.
She even told me, Of our love,
Your lips when we're alone.
I asked her to throw in,
Where we are goin' wrong.
I said, "Do ya know then,
Where we are goin' wrong?"

She came through a darkened doorway,
Said, "What can I do for you?"
I told her what the matter was that was wrong.
I even told her of my heart,
How it got broken into.
She said, "You should know then,
What you are goin' through."

Then she struck a pose,
Like lightning frozen,
Fast upon her face.
Her dark hair curled,
In her darkroom world,
And framed her eyes in lace.
She said, "Babe, don't you worry 'bout
Your confidential girl.
She just keeps you in a state,
I'll take you 'round the world.
She said, "Just tiptoe in. Forget you're goin' wrong.
She said, "Just tiptoe in. Forget where you're goin' wrong.

(Repeat Verse I, time permitting)

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"Talked To A Gypsy" Copyright 1978 by Gary E. Andrews. All Rights Reserved For The Globe.

In Asia, in 1972-73, some friends went to a fortune teller. One guy said the fortune teller said he would own three fortunes and lose them all.