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Here's Mud In Your Eye
Out Of The Woodwork
© 1974 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

E O221OO
E7 O2213O
A XO222O
Am XO221O
B7 O21202

Verse I
The salad was too soggy,
The meat a bit too rare.
The soup was rather succulent,
Except for the hair.
My sister calls me 'Mister.'
My bro-in-law, He stares.
Since his vasectomy,
He doesn't seem to care.
The agent's invitation,
Was lyin' on the stair.
"You can wear what you want,
Just so long as you are there."

Verse II
Well the tripper in the taxi,
Wears needles in his hair.
He puts me in the back seat,
Where I can't see the fare.
The red lights are all red lights.
The boulevards are bare.
Don't mention Schenectady.
He's "...never been up there."
He gets me to the party.
We wrestle for the change.
You can say what you want,
But some cab drivers are strange.

Bridge? Verse III (I don't know!)
Well, I walked into the party,
Lord the ladies were all cool.
The guests were gabbin' hearty,
And grabbin' all the food.
I limped into the corner,
To try to drink a coke.
The jokers come right over,
Start tryin' to tell their jokes.
I slipped out to the balcony,
To try to sneak a smoke.
The jokers come right after me,
Start tryin' to beg a toke.

(Definitely a Bridge. It has its own Melody, a 'Change' from the 'Repetition')
I's lookin' for the back door.
I comes into her room.
She smiles at me.
Her eyes are green,
Like violets in June.
She let me hide my cigaride,
Inside her silver case.
You can say what you want.
Just get me out of this place.

Verse III
She said, "Let's take a taxi.
I said, "I'd rather not."
But standin' on the back streets,
What choice have I got?
The tripper nods acknowledgement.
He knows he's seen my face.
He puts my head in cold cement
And drops us at her place.
She pays the pirate partially,
And puts him on his way.
You can say what you want.
But not until the break of day.

Verse IV
Come on in honey.
Let me sit you down,
With a tuna fish sandwich,
And a buttermilk pie,
Some chocolate candy.
Here's Mud In Your Eye.
A left-handed pistol.
A red-handed lie.
Two Siamese sisters,
Joined at the sky.
A scant Aunt Jemima.
A drunk Uncle Sam.
You know I sing crazy songs,
Like the crazy man I am.

More Info...
"Here's Mud In Your Eye" Copyright 1974 by Gary E. Andrews. All Rights Reserved For The Globe.

This was another piece of mileage I got out of a 12-bar blues progression I found on a book in Korea. I don't know if I wrote this or "Sweet Suzanne" first, but they were from the same source.