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She's Comin Home With Me 3:03
1. Over The River Tonight
© May 8, 2003 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

C/G (C with G bass) 332010
Em7 O22O3O
Am XO221O

A suspended OO223O
F X33211
G 32OOO3

(Verse I)
Everybody's watchin' and she doesn't dissappoint!
She licks her lips while she's makin' her point.
(Origninally: "...like she's rollin' a joint")
I want it to be over, But it goes on and on.
I can't wait for every-one to be gone,
But the, Lonely strangers and hangers on,
They laugh to them-selves and, Well, Hang on.
She wraps 'em 'round her finger.
They fall at her feet.
She's a magiful woman.
She gener-ates heat,
And every night I wonder, That

(Chorus Refrain)
She-'s Comin' Ho--me With Me!

(Verse II)
Everybody's laughin'. They call, "Last call!"
Patty starts 'em movin' toward the back of the hall.
I can only follow, Stayin' close to the wall,
Makin' for the lobby, And the tax-I stall.
There's little danger, She could trip and fall,
With the crowd crushed a-gainst her, Gaping in awe.
She turns in the doorway, Gives 'em one last treat,
When this beautiful girl, Waves and winks at me,
Everybody wonders, Why she--'s Comin' Ho--me With Me!

"Hey Patty!" I said, one night in bed,
"do ya ever worry this could go to your head?"
She put her feet to the ceiling, stood on her head, said, "They'll forget all a-bout me, Soon after I'm dead.
Why waste your worry over what might never be?
Why get in a hurry? Can't we just wait and see?
Be-sides, I'm just happy knowin',
You're Comin' Home With Me."

(Verse III)
Everybody's millin', A-bout in the crowd.
They don't want it to be over, But it is, Now.
Patty's in the taxi. She's waitin' for me.
As I close the door, She slides a-cross the seat.
Her head on my shoulder, She drifts off to sleep.
The driver knows the ways of New- York City streets,
To the Plaza Hotel, And fresh, white sheets.
I'm strummin' in the alley, To let Pat-ty sleep.
She'll wake up in the mornin', Here-- at home with me.
She's Comin' Ho-ome with me.
She's Comin' Ho-ome With Me.

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"She's Comin' Home With Me" Copyright May 8, 2003 by Gary E. Andrews.
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

From my 38-song "Out Of The Woodwork V" copyright collection.

I see this elegant woman, Patty, very earthy, earth-tone clothes, umber tans and dark, rich reds and black, with long, honeyed brown hair, long skirt, long-sleeve vest-jacket, standing on a stage, talking with the fans still filling the hall as the band packs up behind her. The guitar player listens and laughs as she makes the audience laugh.

(I see Cyndi Lauper playing the role, in a wig. I've had a crush on her since her splendid songs of "She's So Unusual").

Fans flop to sit at her feet, enthralled at her raconteurial iterations.

The lights come up. From the bar along the wall at stage left, "They call last call" Patty wades into the crowd, moving toward the lobby of the theatre/bar. From the stage the guitar player observes how the crowd opens to give her space to walk, still a throng around her.

"She turns in the doorway," waves to "me," the guitar player, 'me' in the song, who is working through the crowd up the stage-right aisle. They wonder what he wonders, "why She's Comin' Home With Me." When she speaks he sees what the fans see in her.

It ends at sunrise with 'me' sitting on a row of old galvanized garbage cans, playing for reporters in the alley at the Plaza Hotel, so as not to disturb Patty. Patty looks out an upstairs window and drops a brogan boot to clang on the trashcan next to the one the guitar player is sitting on, teasing, "You alleycats get out of the alley! People are tryin' to sleep up here!" (See Cyndi?)

She invites them all up for breakfast. The reporters hustle off, leaving the guitar player and Patty to share a look, a grin, prompting him to gather his boot and follow the reporters. The End.

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