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She Was Marked
Out Of The Woodwork
© 1980 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

D XXO232
Gadd5 32OO33
A XO222O
G 32OOO3
C/G bass 332O1O

Verse I
She Was Marked,
Marked by her kindness,
Stark, naked, blindness,
True faith,
Faith that this time,
It was for real.

Verse II
On a lark,
I asked her for the time, Miss.
She parked,
And planted a wet,
Kiss on me,
I knew this time,
It was for real.

So I laid aside all my preconceived notions.
I played everything by ear.
Ah, but too much time passed.
I knew I couldn't last,
So I called her up, said,
"Come over here."
As I started to talk,
She started to walk.
I knew she'd know just what I'd mean.
I started to kiss her.
She started to whisper,
But then, We broke clean.
As she walked out the door,
I knew I'd never see her no more,
That's, Just the way it's been.

She Was Marked, (repeat)

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"She Was Marked" Copyright 1980 by Gary E. Andrews. All Rights Reserved For The Globe.

The finger-plucking guitar work inspired the Lyric, a differently-tempoed piece that still catches ears. I always wondered if the repeat of the title, and that segment, could be sung in rounds, by multiple voices.