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Thirty-One Things I Lack
Out Of The Woodwork V
© May 20, 2002 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

Am XO221O
G 32OOO3
C X32O1O
F X33211

I had to stop on the outskirts of town,
n' count, on my fingers, three lists I'm counting down.
Twenty-one reasons why I never,
ever should o' come back.
Thirteen assets. Thirty-One Things I Lack.

Why am I standing here, Knocking at your door?
I hear you answer. Your big feet come across the floor.
I wanna' run, But my feet stick like glue.
Courage to run: Number thirty-two.
Courage to run: Number thirty-two.

I say, "Hey! You look great!" You say, "Of course I do!"
I'm trying to laugh with you but that means
you have to laugh too.
You and your feather boa,
your glitter and your gold.
That dress you're almost wearin'.
I'll bet you're getting cold.

Why am I sitting here, at this table for three?
You and your boa, your ego and me.
You try my patience. Each time I blink you cheat.
Infinite patience: Number thirty-three.
Infinite patience: Number thirty-three.

Oh my! Is that the time?
Shouldn't we be getting you back home?
I can tell by the look in your eye,
You could use some time alone.
What? Do this again? Well, I could call you, On the phone.
But not this week, And next week I'll still be gone.

Why am I still here? Why don't I run away,
Before you say something and I don't know what to say?
I've nowhere to run, And no place to hide.
Can't run! Can't hide! Number thirty-four and thirty-five.
Can't run! Can't hide! Number thirty-four and thirty-five.

I have no ending for this song.
It's just another of life's little tricks.
No ending for this song: Number thirty-six.

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Thirty-One Things I Lack © May 20, 2002 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

This little strum and riff came with a 'feel,' something city-fied, something in the car, on the road, "...on the outskirts of town." I felt, and I force-wrote some lyrics, settling, after a few other lines had come and gone, on the way it is today. Force-writing is just a way to loosen up words and make them tell a story, hoping you'll then write some other songs less wordy but more poetically coherent and satisfying, more inspired than forced.

I find it interesting how the three lists popped in there, and how I happened to expand upon the "Thirty-One Things I Lack." I could've found more "...Assets," or even more "...reasons why I never , ever should o' come back." But nooooooo....! The numbering gives a continuity of structure to the long story, a play in three acts. I love its sense of humor.

Especially interesting is the fact that I had no ending and sang so, and realized that was another item on the list of "Thirty-One Things I Lack."