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For The Rain
Out Of The Woodwork V
© May 1, 2003 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

G 32OOO3
C X32O1O
D XXO232

I've got money in my pocket,
That I won't spend.
I know if I do
I'll want it back again,
So I can buy somethin'
For me and my friend,
To keep us both out of the rain.

I got no clock.
I've got time on my hands.
I only wanna' spend it
With my best friend,
'neath an umbrella
'hind a window pane,
Lookin' out on the rain.

I've got love I never have used.
I can sing a song and chase away the blues,
Whistle like a whistle on a midnight train.
Stretch a mile and walk back again.
Preacher talks! I get confused,
In church on Sunday in a private pew,
I pray to God to keep me sane.
I thank God For The Rain.
I thank God For The Rain.
I thank God For The Rain.
For The Rain.

The money in my pocket
Must 've fell out a hole.
My friend ran off with my fishin' pole.
I hope God's still got my soul.
I thank God For The Rain.

(Repeat Chorus)

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I thank God For The Rain © May 1, 2003
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

A friend said this reminded her of a John Prine song. I've heard that song though I can't bring it to mind. I hope I didn't steal too much. (Something about 'fishing and singing in the morning' maybe?)