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And She Cries
Out Of The Woodwork II
© 1976 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

C X32O1O
(1) X32O3O
(2) XO3231
E O221OO
Am XO221O
(3) XX5453
F X33211
G7 32OOO1

(Verse I)
Look into the shadows,
That fall from her eyes.
Watch as she does battle,
With the conflict deep inside.
And She Cries like a baby,
Over words like 'no' and 'maybe,'
She doesn't think it's worth the time
It takes to know her inner mind,
And She Cries.

(Verse II)
Watch her as she wanders,
Across crowded towns,
Bare feet on the sidewalk,
Mostly up but sometimes down.
And She Cries like a baby
Over things like Dave and Katie,
She doesn't think she'll try again,
To create love with another man,
And She Cries.

Don't be alarmed.
She won't do you no harm.
She only wants to know you,
And show you the love in her eyes,
And She Cries.

(Verse III)
Slip into her evening,
And sleep in her night.
Listen to her breathing,
As she sleeps there by your side,
And she wakes around midnight,
And she moves through the moonlight,
She doesn't try to run away.
She's made her mind up that she'll stay,
And She Cries.

(Repeat Bridge)

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"And She Cries" Copyright 1976 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

I'm sure I was playing this in 1972, in a fingerpicking style. It has a lot of those 'and, but' connector words I've found are unnecessary.(Oops! Just deleted some of those!) It has a good progression through time in the storyline.