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Before The Breakaway
Out Of The Woodwork II
© 1974 by Gary E. Andrews
All Right Reserved for the Globe

C/G bass 332O1O
Fmaj7 X3321O
Cmaj7 332OOO
D XXO232
Dm XX0231
F X33211
G7 32OOO1

Verse I
I'm lyin' here with your ring on my hand.
Yours is there on the night stand,
With cigarettes, And an empty can,
The alarm clock that still remembers your hand,
From where you shut it off,
Before it rang today.

Verse II
Sittin' starin' and my coffee got cold.
Look in the mirror, momma, I'm a' feelin' so old,
In faded jeans, And a denim shirt,
A broken heart that still remembers the hurt,
Because you broke it off, Before I woke today.
Before I woke today.

I wish you'd said somethin' to me.
Then I might have changed my song.
Lord the pain you put to me,
Well, it came on so fast.
I hope it don't last too long,
I'm sittin'' here in a nightengale's song,
A mockingbird's come to tell me I'm wrong.
I'm wondering if, It's really a sin,
To break one out to let another one in,
The way you broke me out,
Before The Breakaway, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Before The Breakaway.

(Instrumental Bridge)

Verse III
Sippin' whiskey, With a new girl in town.
Her voice is so sweet.
She don't make a sound.
Just sits there and hears these blues.
She tries so hard, To fill the shoes,
That you left behind, Before The Breakaway,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Before The Breakaway.

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"Before The Breakaway" Copyright 1974 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved For The Globe

I wrote this in Alexandria, Louisiana. It has nice buildups to more intense vocal parts that I like. It has a lot of the new Songwriter's errors, connecting lines with unnecessary 'And' and 'But' and 'Because' connectors. I'd eliminate some or all of them. (Just did, some! 2019)