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Is that YOUR next hit playing? Maybe IT IS!
I'm publishing that song for YOU to cover (or co-publish).

The title scrolling in my guitar (left) is the song you're hearing.

Find that title in Lyrics (above to your left) in the "Over The River Tonight" list, to read along.
If you see another title you like you can use back << forward >> arrows on my guitar to play that song. Pause and Play buttons work too!
Or just let them all play! (About 48 minutes.)

If you introduce these songs to the world you can make a new career or spark fire in the one you've been working on! Artists tour for years based on a few hits.
Nobody remembers the songwriter. They remember who sang it! It could be you!

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(Quote from a listener: "No cookie-cutter songs here...")

(1) "Over The River Tonight" is an uptempo love song. It could be YOUR big summer hit, the 'career song' you ride to fame and fortune. Time: 2:49
(Quote from a listener: "That's the perfect country song!")

(2) "Take It For A Ride", up-tempo love song with a strong back-beat and a memorable guitar riff. Time: 3:45

(3) "We Could Use A Little Rain" is a folk song, a story of the farmer's plight, and Sarah, the farmer's wife. Time: 3:08

(4) "Cajun Lady" is uptempo, a lighthearted story of Arthur Alexander Delacroix, and Mitzi Sweets. Country? Bluegrass? 2:38

(5) "Leavin' You" is country with strong 'hook-factor' in its beat, memorable lyric and vocal melody. Time: 3:07
(Quote from a listener; "I can't get that song out of my head!" I call that 'Hook Factor'!)

(6) "Goin' Back To New Orleans" is a walk in the shoes of one man's need to get home after the 2005 hurricanes and see what difference his love might make. Time: 3:46

(7) "She Said Good Luck" is based on Bob Dylan's reply to a reporter, words I put in the mouth of another character in the story. Time: 3:22

(8) "She's Comin' Home With Me" is a story of a guitar player whose girlfriend is the level-headed star of his New York City band. Time: 3:03

(9) "Momma Don't Tell Me" is a fun little Travis-pickin' country tune. 2:19

(10) Could "Long Gone (Not Just Leavin')" be done reggae style? 3:19

(11) "Number On The Wall", blues-ish, a cool guitar figure. 3:11

(12) "Fancy (And Maybe Never More)" has an Irish folk feel, a story of a lady lighthouse keeper, and "Old Gene" who tries to get her to come a'dancing, while she awaits her sailor boyfriend's return from the sea. Splendid rhythm and rhyme. Time: 2:51

(!3) "Yippee Yi Yo" a western cowboy tune, in the tradition of boy meets girl and helps drive her cattle to market. It has an infectious guitar riff. 3:45

(14) "Muriel's Theme" is instrumental, flawed in my execution, but fun to play, brief, and memorable, theme music perhaps, for TV or film. 1:51

Gary E. Andrews
Portsmouth, Ohio
740.354.8607 (answering machine)
Click on CONTACT (left) to Email:

These songs can be sung by any singer, and in various genres. I have rewritten many for a female point of view. Don't let my voice limit your consideration (comparisons a la' Neil Young, Rod Stewart, Woody Guthrie, Rush, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison. Some folks 'play' in the key they 'sing' in. I sing in whatever key I play in.

You can read along as the songs play.
Click on LYRICS. Click on a title in the "Over The River Tonight" list. There are 167 lyrics, but only 13 have audio tracks.

Tune to standard pitch and you can play along! The chords are on the lyric pages. You can sing along! Find your harmony part. Or, better; take the lead!

Cover one you like. See how YOUR audience reacts. Having something that originates with you to play on local radio where you're performing can bring a new audience to venues, making you worth the money they're offering, maybe more if you're bold enough to ask for it.

For beginner guitarists, I tell the frets where you hold the strings.
Like the chord C/G. That's C with a G bass, indicated as 332O1O.
You hold the top two bass strings on the 3rd fret, (the 33), the next one on the 2nd fret (the 2). Play the next one 'Open', or without a finger on it (the O for 'Open'). Play the next on the 1st fret (the 1), and the bottom treble string Open (another O). 3-3-2-O-1-O

In the MYSELF page (left) I discuss Songwriting. I write whatever kind of song comes to me. If the guitar part has 'Hook-Factor', if it 'hooks' me, and the first lyrical line hooks ME, as the first listener, I try to write it. These hooked me. If they hook you they'll hook your audience too!
Real estate? Location! Location! Location! Songwriting? Hook! Hook! Hook!

CD: Over The River Tonight (c) 2006 by Gary E. Andrews
Recorded June 17, 2006, @ by Dave Richards, ParkersBSound.

Years ago I had permission to pitch "Goin' Back To New Orleans," to Leon Russell, a long-time favorite of mine. It seemed well-suited for his voice, his singing and Songwriting style. htttp://

A friend in Little Hocking, Ohio ( Thanks Loran) called a friend in Parkersburg, West Virginia (Thanks Dave) who had Magix Cool Edit software.
Dave said, "If the guy can run right through it and we don't have to fool around with it a lot, bring him over."
So we went. I played and sang the song.
Then Dave said, "Just play the guitar part," and recorded that.
I screw up the timing. The song was new. I hadn't planned on doing it that way. I miss chord changes and my cue coming in on some vocal lines.
Then he had me sing along with the playback. (Wish I had the first take!)

Since I was a beggar and the warning had been given up front, I didn't ask to do a retake. That's what you hear, flaws and all.

My contact with Russell said, "Leon listened without comment."
Good enough. I had a shot and took it!

So now it's YOUR turn!
I'm publishing these Songs for YOU to cover, as an artist, or co-publish! (Offering 50% of Publishing Royalties.)

Then, Dave said, "Play some more," and left the room.

I began to pull songs out of my...head. Brain lock! There were long gaps in the recording where I couldn't think of a song to play, despite 167 songs registered with the Copyright Office in my "Out Of The Woodwork" collections I, II, III, IV, and V, songs going back over my lifetime.

By the time Dave came back, I had recorded 13 more songs. If you've heard the eclectic variety of these 14 imagine what the rest could be!l

A Performance Rights Organization (PRO) collects Royalties for Songwriters and Publishers who sign up with them for that service. BMI and ASCAP are two.

BMI started I joined in 2005 and went there daily for 14 years to talk about Songwriting. Moderator 2 announced the site would close April 1, 2019. My favorite 'campus'. Now where am I going to go to play in the fields of creativity? Many members moved to and also visit Keep exploring! The possibilities are endless!

I discuss my opinion on Songwriting in the MYSELF link, up to your left.

Robert Baitinger, of Germany, offered me a chance to write a Lyric to a track he composed. It is sung by Tara Lynn Sharrock, of Australia, and produced by Bastian Knochel:
Here's Robert's website:

In the time of the year to say Frohe Weihnachten (Merry Christmas) this video clip gets some play, Mattis Laustroer wishes Merry Christmas with Robert Baitinger's song “Christmas With You” (I contributed some to the Lyric).
Mattis made it to the battles of The Voice of Germany 2018.
Robert says, "This is pretty cool."
It's way cool Robert. Frohe Weihnachten, and Happy New Year!

Aleksandr Saltovskiy, of Ukraine, offered me a chance to write a Lyric for a track he composed. He found Aeram to sing it.

Federal copyright law recognizes your "right" to "copy" your Intellectual Property (IP) as soon as you put it in "fixed form," written, recorded, any fixed form. Like owning anything, you need a lock to keep others from stealing it. Registration is that lock. Only registration of your copyright with the federal U. S. Library of Congress, Register of Copyrights (or similar entity in your country), will get you a hearing in federal court where federal Copyright law is heard, as proof you created and own the 'right' to 'copy' it, for profit or not. A song can be worth a fortune. Protect your legacy. Learn about registering your works at:

The American Society of Composers, Artists and Poets (ASCAP) is another Performance Rights Organization, like BMI, with which you can affiliate as a member, and register Song titles, the Songwriter(s) name(s), the Publisher(s) name(s). ASCAP will collect Royalties for you, if any are earned. Click on the banner.

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May 2019

May 15, 2019 Open mic @ 17 East, Crosskeys Tavern, 17 East Main Street, hosted by Foothill Folk Society, Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio.
I play "She's Gonna Get The Blues" and "Fancy (And Maybe Nevermore)"
'Live Stream' I'm about 1:09 in.